Having fun on wedding shootings

I'm sure all of you have already experienced those painfully portrait shootings on weddings: Standing around, while having the need of going to the toilet, waiting until some relatives are finally joining and the photographer is telling you to say "cheeeeese... ;-)))"...

Well... good news: you don't have to. There isn't any law against having fun during portrait shootings! It's a wedding, not a funeral. Enjoy it, make jokes, laugh! The emotions captured with such photos will make you smile forever!

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Autumn memoirs

Last season was quite special for us. We travelled a lot, we photographed awesome weddings, we even had our own wedding. We had really busy summer, but among all weddings and trips we still managed to carve some time for small projects just for fun or enjoyment. One of such projects was this charming photoshoot of handmade wedding accessories from Mrs. Fox Studio. I simply love such little lovely stuff, and taking photos of this things was double joy for me!

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